Near Me, DMV

A tool that applies near-me notification capabilities to DMV appointments
Project Type
Location-Basic Alerts, Civic Tech, Time-Sensitive Media
Launch Date
September 2020 - December 2021
Virginia, Washington D.C.
Bloom Labs, Crowdsourced
Stephen Jefferson,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many DMVs began requiring people to make appointments online. However, it's not pretty as appointments get booked very quickly, and it's time-consuming to navigate each office's availability. Near Me DMV is a tool that lets people keep track of new appointments that open up near them across multiple office locations. If they provide their email, then they'll be notified when the appointments become available. Within the first two months of launch, the tool helped book over 150 appointments and had a growing list of 400 subscribers across regions in Virginia and Washington DC.

Bloom Labs used its existing geofencing algorithms and personalized email templates to launch this tool within a few days. Over time, Near Me DMV has influenced us to experiment with transactional email software and data scraping. The increasing urgency for people to book appointments and the growing backlog at the DMV pushes us to continuously learn how to design and communicate time-sensitive media most effectively.

This tool is not affiliated with the Department of Motor Vehicles.


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