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Give more value to customers by offering personalized news content for their home and interests.

Bloom's newsletter can help you learn more about your customers and automatically craft personal emails for each one based on their unique preferences.

"Implementing the Bloom newsletter at Roomeze has been a positive selling feature for clients and new hires alike.

Many of our users are moving to unfamiliar areas. Being able to provide them with hyper localized news, events and recommendations based on their new address is yet another element that sets us apart from other real estate tech players. Bloom's ability to tailor features to our specific newsletter needs has been a genuine asset in expanding the Roomeze brand and service."

Max Spinelli, Head of Marketing at Roomeze

Results from 2018 Case Study:
Average 35% open rate,
over 2x the industry average

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Step 1

Managing and Personalizing Subscriber Data

Get to know your subscribers personally.

Use one of Bloom's subscription forms or build your own to let reader's provide their preferred neighborhood to receive news about. Their information is saved in your CRM's account.

Bloom can integrate with most major CRM's so you can continue using your existing subscriber list. Bloom currently supports ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, SendGrid, and Listrak.

Step 2

Personalizing Email Content

Craft personal emails from accurate, personal data.

Bloom treats personalization as an entire experience, not a just a greeting. Based on your customers locations, we'll populate each email with news and events from local publishers. In your Bloom account, you can easily customize your newsletter's experience by its layout and algorithm.

Once your settings are chosen, Bloom automatically prepares emails for each subscriber by matchmaking their preferences with news and events happening near them.

Step 3

Delivering Personalized Emails

Send the newsletter as frequently as you need to.

Decide on the schedule for delivery and Bloom will automatically perform the personalization processes and deliver the newsletter to your subscribers using your current CRM.

You can preview a personalized email for any of your subscribers at any time, and adjust the layout or algorithm as needed.

Step 4

Analyzing Engagement

Get engagement insights on a more granular level.

Bloom can help you track how subscribers with certain preferences are interacting with local content. That means more insight into subscriber behavior that can help you make better decisions on your personalization settings and the type of content they prefer.

Since the newsletter is sent with your CRM, you can view the traditional analytics just as you do now - including open rates, click rates, and custom campaign goals.

How Businesses Are Using It

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Create a one-of-a-kind local newsletter
that customers will remember you for

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