Hyperlocal Analytics

Use our Analytics Dashboard to get new perspectives of your local news coverage and engagement

Geotagging news with Bloom helps uncover a new set of insights for your newsroom.

Our Analytics Dashboard provides a range of analytics to help you better understand how your coverage is impacting the local communities you serve.

Article Insights
Coverage Area & Diversity
Where your content is dispersed throughout local neighborhoods and postal codes to easily understand its geographic diversity and where editorial resources may be better allocated.
Subscription Ratios
Learn what regions people are subscribed to that are not covered consistently and areas that are covered well but are not of interest to your audience.
Sentiment Levels
How does the emotional opinion of your coverage vary across neighborhoods exactly? Become aware of regions receiving more negative coverage than others to help improve editorial strategy.
Engagement Insights
For Plugins & Newsletters
Collectively understand the hyperlocal engagement across all of your web plugins and newsletters with Bloom.
Location Preferences & Specificity
Where are your subscribers and other readers engaging with your content? Learn how this breaks down by neighborhood over time and topic.
Proximity Patterns
Comparisons between your subscribers preferred areas for local news and areas of their engagement, including the distances from where they live, work, or play.
More Helpful Insights
Regional Trends Over Time
Learn about the overall news trends in geographic areas you cover, ranging from 4-12 months, including categories consistently mentioned and what's unique to specific regions.
Tracking on your own Analytics Services
Each click leading from Bloom to your website has unique URL parameters that allow you to track engagement with an analytics service of your choice and mix-and-match other datasets.


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