Geotagging News

A fundamental technique that enables innovation

Geotagging leverages important location data about your content, allowing you to offer readers meaningful experiences for places they care about.

How To Geotag

Geotagging is easy with Bloom! In fact, it can take as little as 5-10 seconds to geotag a single news story. Here are three options Bloom provides:

  1. On our local news map
  2. In your WordPress with our WordPress plugin
  3. In your non-WordPress CMS using our Geotagging API

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Easy and Immediate

Each geotagged story is automatically made available to your Bloom plugins, newsletters, and distribution channels.

Our geotagging tools were designed to give your newsroom the most impact with little effort.

Innovative and Integrated

Bloom enables your readers to see stories on a hyperlocal level with tools that work with existing services including your website, newsletter, and Facebook page.

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Equipping and Educating

Our goal is to educate journalists on how to use location-based tools efficiently in the newsroom.

We give you control over geotagging to improve your technical literacy and confidence and, of course, we're always here to help.

Featured Publisher

BK Reader is a local newsroom serving Central Brooklyn, NY. They use our Wordpress plugin to geotag their content and to add a near-me search so readers can easily find content happening closest to their location or specific neighborhoods.

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