Geotagging News

An impactful technique to serve local audiences

Geotagging news leverages important data for your content, allowing you to offer readers a personalized, local experience for places they care about.

How To Geotag

Geotagging may sound complicated but it's actually very easy! In fact, on average it takes 5-10 seconds to geotag a single news article. This immediately unlocks new services for your newsroom to implement to improve local engagement.

Bloom provides 3 options to geotag:

  1. On our local news map
  2. In Wordress with our Wordpress plugin
  3. In your non-Wordpress CMS using our Geotagging API

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Improve News Discovery

Each geotagged article is automatically made available on Bloom's global map, website plugins, and distribution channels. Our mission is to help you connect with and engage new local audiences with little effort required from your newsroom.

Excite The Neighborhood

Our plugins provide you with local search, interactive maps, and content recommendation feeds. These can be embedded and shared with neighborhoods you serve on your website and Facebook.

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Educate Your Team

Our goal is to educate journalists on how to use location-based tools efficiently in the newsroom. Rather than just geotagging on our own, we give your staff control over geotagging to improve technical literacy and confidence. But, of course, we're always here to help.

Managing Geotagged Content

Location data can get messy! We want to make sure you can not only manage your geotagged content, but also understand it. Our publisher dashboard brings together your geotagged content, locations, and insights on reader behavior in those neighborhoods.

This type of data makes it easy to strategize marketing and editorial decisions based on where you write about, not just what you write about.

Learn more about the benefits of geotagging on our blog.

Analyzing the geography of your content
  • Understand where your geographic coverage is and where it's lacking.
  • Summarize content by city, street, or postal code
  • Analyze neighborhoods you frequently write about
  • Compare different locations based on readership behavior

Featured Publisher

BK Reader is a hyperlocal publisher serving Central Brooklyn, NY. They use our Wordpress plugin to geotag their content and to add a local search feature so readers can easily find content happening closest to their location or specific neighborhoods.

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