A new perspective for local news

Create personal nearby experiences for local news and establish cross-sector distribution channels with local resources.

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Improving local news


We help newsrooms treat their story's location data with extra TLC so people easily find news near them or specific places they care about.

Our approach transforms ordinary news feeds into interactive maps, personal nearby applications, and other location-based experiences.

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Collaborating with


People are reading local news near you right now but most of these experiences remain isolated, limiting you and your neighbors to influence and collaborate with each other.

Our tools help publishers bring individual experiences together, giving you an opportunity to be collectively engaged with what's happening in your community.

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Diversifying news


Bloom is partnering with local businesses and services to open new distribution and revenue channels for newsrooms.

Our collaborative network includes companies across different sectors and geographies who all aim to bring meaningful and informed experiences to their local audience.

Who we're partnering with
Our real estate partners are using Bloom to give their new renters and roommates a friendly neighborhood welcome by informing them of local news happening near home.
We're piloting collaborations with transportation companies to see how local news can help inform people on where they are or traveling to.
We're leading R&D and advocacy to identify new opportunities for local news in areas with evolving digital infrastructure, ensuring journalism remains a pillar in the future of cities.


Things we stand up for

Education + Research

We've collaborated with journalism students, professors, and researchers at universities to train them with location-based tools and guide them to think of new uses for local news data.

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Recent News + Insight
January 22, 2020
Bloom Labs launches with newsrooms in San Jose at Bay Area News Group
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Updates about the technology and research that makes Bloom Labs an innovative tool for journalism.

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