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A Wordpress plugin
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Geolocation platform for news publishers

Improve engagement and personalization for the neighborhoods you serve

For Publishers

Serve real-world communities online

Geotag your content to create a more engaged reading experience for your community.

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For Readers

Explore what's happening near you

Browse our local news map to read and share what's happening your neighborhood.

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On Your Website
A Wordpress plugin that helps you organize and deliver content
to local communities
Inform the community
  • Geotagging tools for posts
  • Location-based search allowing users to discover posts nearby
  • Built-in user location recognition and marketing
  • Fully responsive design
Be the voice of the community
  • Features of Pioneer
  • Customized search experience for your communities
  • Customized interface for your brand
Inspire and engage the community
  • Features of Professional
  • Neighborhood-level insights about your content's engagement
  • Analytics about user geographic interests and reading habits
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Reshaping journalism, publishing, and the way we tell stories in the modern world
Dig South
Their tools can also assist news organizations decide not just what to write about, but where to write about.
American Geographical Society

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Let's make local news sustainable together

Since the decline in print, news has been lost at sea.

It's impossible to reach a geographic community simply with a 140 character tweet, hashtag, or a link slapped on a wall. Therefore, Bloom's technology focuses on using real geographic data to connect local publishers to real communities.

Let's work together to putting local news back on the map for good.

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