Local News Plugins

Complement your services with local news

Inform your users about their surroundings as they interact with your services.

Each plugin was built to show a unique perspective for regions you serve. From a city's big picture to the streets of a neighborhood, our plugins will help your users better understand the local perspective.

Our Plugins

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Universal Features

Each plugin comes with it's own unique interface and functionality,
but contains important characteristics that they all have in common.

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Interactive News Map

Showcase local news from a visual perspective - a map! This plugin is populated with local content that your users can view from afar or click to dive into a story.

It displays a segment of local news based on settings you provide, which could be from the past week to a few months ago, and covering the entire city or just a single neighborhood.

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News Nearby Channel

This plugin provides a feed of local news happening near a location of your choice. The content is split into categories that your users can select to filter the content to their personal interests.

The 5 categories listed at the top of the plugin are trending in that region. Users can click the menu icon to view a full summary of the neighborhood, including all of its popular categories and publishers.

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Preview of News Nearby Channel


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