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Bloom opens distribution channels for news content in local communities. We partner with local businesses to diversify your distribution, automatically connecting your content to their audiences.

C. Zawadi Morris

"Knowing that our content is being shared with our target audience through additional newsletter services and with absolutely no effort on our part makes this service an absolute no-brainer and a dream-come-true for a news publisher!"

C. Zawadi Morris, Publisher of BK Reader

Featured Partnership

Started: February 2018
Partner: Roomeze, a roommate referral service in Brooklyn
Audience: 2,700 residents
Method: Personalized newsletter
Criteria: Geotagged news and events in certain New York City boroughs

What is distributed?

Roomeze distributed local news stories using a personalized newsletter from Bloom. New residents would sign-up with Roomeze and receive the newsletter that sends local news happening near their new home.

To respect the preferences of Roomeze and their users, the content was automatically filtered to only Arts, Culture, and Entertainment-related news and events.

Who is it distributed to?

The newsletter was sent to customers of Roomeze who have used their roommate-matching services to move into the city. Their customers averaged 25-30 years old and over 60% were brand new to the city.

As Roomeze helped new residents move in, they were asked if they would like to be subscribed to the newsletter. The subscribers continued to grow on a daily basis and the newsletter was sent to them bi-weekly.

How does it benefit publishers?

Local publishers in NYC who are opted-in to this channel connected with Roomeze's audience to increase brand awareness and content engagement. Starting in 2020, publishers were able to recieve a revenue share for contributing content to this channel.

The Process

How Bloom sets up and maintains distribution channels

Step 1

Geotagging Content

Once you're registered as a publisher on Bloom, you will be able to geotag content in the communities you serve.

Our team will be notified when you begin geotagging and will reach out to you regarding distribution.

Step 2

Creating Channels

Our team will begin to research and connect with businesses or services that also serve your community. Alternatively, you may recruit local businesses that you already have good relationships with.

Besides geotagging, there is no additional work required on your end to get distribution channels set up.

Step 3

Distributing Content

Our team will work alongside the local businesses to set up a distribution solution that meets their needs. Once distribution channels are ready, we'll notify you about the logistics and automatically begin distributing your content to their users.

As distribution channels open up in your region in the future, your geotagged content will automatically be integrated - no need for extra work!

Step 4

Analyzing New Audiences

In your Bloom account, you're able to analyze:

  • How your own content is being distributed throughout local channels,
  • Where users are viewing your content, and
  • How they're engaging with your content.

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