Local News Plugins

Location-aware plugins for better news experiences

Create meaningful experiences for your readers by recommending news stories happening nearby and enabling them to explore content through a live neighborhood map.

What do they come with?

Each plugin has it's own unique design and functionality, but here are a few things they have in common. Select one to learn more.

Nearby Search

Who knew it was possible to integrate local search into your website? This plugin creates a discovery experience for readers to explore specific streets, entire neighborhoods, and zip codes.

It can be integrated with any CMS and website layout by acting as an embedded layer on your website. We've even made it super easy to install on Wordpress.

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Preview of News Nearby Search

Interactive News Map

Showcase local news from an engaging, visual perspective. This map plugin is populated with local content that your readers can view stories from afar or street-level.

It displays a segment of your local news based on settings you provide, which could be from the past week to a few months ago, and covering the entire city or just a few neighborhoods. Either way, each story is includes your branding and website URL.

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News Nearby Channel

Sometimes you just need a simple feed of local news happening near a location. This plugin does that. For simplify further, a menu of trending local categories is presented at the top to instantly filter content within the plugin's feed.

Readers can also click the menu icon to view a summary of local news nearby, including all of its popular categories and your publishers who geotagged stories about them.

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Static Map

No more going to Google Maps for screenshots! Every story that you geotag comes with its own set of map images that vary by zoom level.

The map images automatically include a pin that designates exactly where the story took place and text about the location.

This feature is only available on our Wordpress plugin.

Preview of Static Map


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