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Leverage the location in local news stories

Geotagging a story takes as little as 5-10 seconds.

This immediately opens new opportunities to be more accessible to your local audience and connect with them in a variety of ways.

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Personalize news experiences

Enable meaningful local experiences on your website or mobile app.

Each of our plugins uniquely offer an approach for presenting geotagged content that can be easily customized and embedded.

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Give subscribers more value

Bloom integrates with your CRM to personalize newsletters by location.

This allows you to humanize subscriber profiles with location preferences and effectively serve them based on their unique interests

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Connect with new local channels

Bloom works on new forms of community partnerships between newsrooms and local services to help diversify and localize audience and revenue.

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Lift subscribers out of isolation

Our plugins and newsletter services have the ability to make readers aware of nearby subscribers in their neighborhood, influencing neighbor connection and engagement.

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C. Zawadi Morris

"Knowing that our content is being shared with our target audience through additional newsletter services and with absolutely no effort on our part makes this service an absolute no-brainer and a dream-come-true for a news publisher!"

C. Zawadi Morris, Publisher of BK Reader

Featured Publisher: BK Reader

BK Reader is a hyperlocal publisher serving Central Brooklyn, NY. They use our Wordpress plugin to geotag their content and to add a local search feature so readers can easily find content happening closest to their location or specific neighborhoods.

About the plugin

In 2018, during a 3-month long case study with a NYC real estate firm, we were able to distribute geotagged content on BK Reader to hundreds of new residents. It only required 9 minutes of the journalist's time to geotag and received a total of over 2,000 impressions from residents who hadn't yet subscribed or followed BK Reader on social media.

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