Bloom For Businesses

Your personal, local community connoisseur

Bloom helps businesses offer their customers real-time local news, events, and crime for specific neighborhoods.


Bloom is a geolocation platform that works with verified local publishers to organize their content by geography. We offer local businesses opportunities to aggregate content and efficiently inform their customers.

For Realtors

Bloom helps better inform current and prospective customers about their neighborhood.

Use our plugins or newsletter service to organize news, events, or crime from local publishers next to your property listings.

For Organizations and Software

If your website or application serves a local community, chances are it could be more valuable with real-time news and events.

The local content on Bloom can help complement your service for communities it reaches.

Featured Distribution Partner: Roomeze

Bloom works with Roomeze to distribute local news and events to their tenants in Brooklyn and Harlem, NYC. Roomeze uses Bloom's personalized newsletter service that organizes local content specifically for each tenant's neighborhood, even giving Roomeze the ability to add their own local recommendations and customize email design.

Roomeze is changing the way people think about shared living by providing a worry-free, pre-vetted room(mate) search experience. Roomeze provides users with awesome rooms and like minded roommates, all while guiding them through the entire rental process.

To learn more about Roomeze, visit


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