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Add Bloom to your existing newsletter to automatically customize each subscriber's experience.

By adapting the newsletter to their preferences, you'll improve engagement. We're currently helping publishers reach an average 38.5% unique open rate - that's double the average for the news publishing industry.

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Step 1

Managing and Personalizing Subscriber Data

Get to know your subscribers personally.

Embed one of Bloom's subscription forms on your website to automatically collect information about a reader's interests and neighborhood. Their information is sent to your CRM.

Our service integrates with most major CRM's so you can build onto your existing subscriber list at MailChimp, SendGrid, or ActiveCampaign.

Step 2

Personalizing Email Content

Craft personal emails from accurate data.

Bloom treats personalization as an entire experience, not a just a greeting. In your Bloom account, you can easily customize your newsletter's entire layout and algorithm.

Once your settings are chosen, Bloom automatically prepares emails for each subscriber by matchmaking their preferences with your geotagged news.

Step 3

Delivering Personalized Emails

Send the newsletter just like you're used to.

Decide on the schedule for delivery and Bloom will automatically perform the personalization processes and deliver the newsletter to your subscribers using your current CRM.

You can preview a personalized email for any of your subscribers at any time.

Step 4

Analyzing Engagement

Get engagement insights on a more granular level.

Bloom can help you track how subscribers with certain preferences are interacting with your content. That means more insight into subscriber behavior that can help you make better decisions on your personalization settings and the type of content being reported.

Since the newsletter is sent with your CRM, you can view the traditional analytics just as you do now - including open rates, click rates, and custom campaign goals.

How Businesses Are Using It

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Transform your newsletter
from one-size-fits-all to one-of-a-kind

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