Nearby Search

The power of nearby experiences packed into a simple website plugin

Plugin Features

Give your readers more control for a more engaging, personalized local experience.

Explore news happening near your current location
Search places you care about: a home, office, street, or neighborhood
Choose from recent places journalists have reported about
Subscribe to a location for instant personal experiences
Insights on Neighborhood Coverage
Learn types of places your readers are most interested in and which ones aren't being reported about.
Seamless Integration
Embedded as a separate layer on your website, eliminating risk of interfering with your existing layout and features.

One-Click Install on Wordpress

Local search and many other features of Bloom can be easily integrated on Wordpress websites.

With our Worpress plugin, you get access to a wide range of tools that offer your readers an engaging local experience. The plugin includes geotagging, local search, location-aware feeds, and auto-generated maps.

Install on Wordpress No technical expertise required

Live Demo with Featured Publisher

BK Reader is a hyperlocal news publisher serving central Brooklyn, NYC

They use our Wordpress plugin to geotag local news in the communities where it took place. This gives their readers capabilities to instantly find news happening near them and to subscribe to special places they care about.


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