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The power of location packed into a Wordpress plugin

Bloom and Wordpress

Many of Bloom's services can be integrated into your website by using this Wordpress plugin. The plugin offers geotagging, Geo Metadata, local search, and maps for your news articles.

After installing this plugin, residents will immediately be able to search for news by their current location with one-click, or by typing a location they care about. The plugin gathers behaviors from your readers, allowing you to analyze insights on how residents are engaging in certain neighborhoods.

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Here's How Our Local Search Works

This screen is displayed by clicking the circle at the bottom of the screen Search a location to see what's happening near an address or within an entire neighborhood View a personalized list of recommended stories in places you care about Search for stories near your current location Discover what's happening near the current story being read
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Featured Publisher

BK Reader is a hyperlocal publisher serving Central Brooklyn, NY. They use this Wordpress plugin to geotag their content in Brooklyn and use the local search so their readers to easily find news happening near their current location while on-the-go.

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